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Contact: Joann Long
2906 Wheeler Station Rd.
 Bloomfield, NY 14469
Phone: (585) 738-7477


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Training Testimonials

A Must-Do for Every Horse and Rider
Scout N.
Cortland, NY

“Hello and thank you so much for a wonderful obstacle clinic. This course is a must-do for every horse and rider. My horse gained confidence with every new obstacle. Using the natural learning style and instincts of horses lets them ease into spooky situations rather than being rushed or forced. Every horse was treated as an individual, working through their particular fears until they felt comfortable. My horse was so eager to learn more, and I learned a lot of techniques to work on at home. When I first watched Joann and her horse negotiate the obstacles, I felt apprehensive, unsure of how my 3 year old would react. By the day's end, we both would have tried just about anything! What a great day!"

Absolutely Awesome

Karen B.
Brewerton, NY

“My barnowner, and best friend attended your event in Marcellus. It was absolutely awesome. It was hard to just sit there and watch, next time I am definitely participating. I have been wanting to do this at our barn, just haven't had the time or money, I have a book of to do's in obstacles, I have to see if its yours. DEFINATELY worth the time and money to see everything you showed us and gentle convincing ways to expose our horses to new things. Looking forward to more of your clinics and rides!!!!! I give you a 20 in a 1-10!!"

Building Confidence

Debbie D.
Victor, NY

A huge thanks to Joann Long for the lesson Thursday out on the trail! It helped to build my confidence in myself, my horse, and give me tools/skills to work on to continue making progress. I had a great ride today on my own, working in the indoor on a few skills and going outside down the lane way by ourselves for the first time! I felt more confident to go out alone a short distance due to Joann's wonderful instruction! Thanks again!☺

Very Well Organized and Nicely Challenging

Lynn A.
Birkshire, NY

“I enjoyed the variety of obstacles, and the way you demonstrated introducing things in small steps.  I was VERY impressed with how well you kept a large number of horses and riders safely busy and organized.  As a CHA certified instructor I have taught groups, so I know it’s not as easy as you made it look!  The formation riding was an ingenious way to do that.  The use of stations was terrific, and the attendants at each one were marvelous.  They tuned-in to horses and helped riders; clearly they were well coached. Thank you for a very well organized and nicely challenging clinic.”

Learning at own speed and skill level

Suzanne D.
Corning, NY

"For me this was a totally positive experience.  It was the type of environment in which I learn best.  It was all “learn by doing”.  No time was wasted.  I did not experience one second of boredom.   Anytime I can learn by doing at my own speed and skill level in a comfortable atmosphere, I am a happy camper.  You provided all of that and much, much more.”

Totally worth it

Dave S.
Oswego, NY

“Things I loved:
1. Your professionalism!  It is a pleasure to attend a well planned and executed clinic.
2. Your husband and son's contributions - they both added levity and serious help.
3. Your clarity of thought and direction.  You have a real ability to get your message across.
4. Your patience.  If you got frustrated with any of us, it did not show.
5. Your training technique.  I am a firm believer in the natural horseman techniques and can tell you are also.
6. The facility was great.  Had plenty of room and a nice ring to work in.
7. Your horse!!!  He is awesome and it is obvious how much of a team you two are.
 Thank you Joann.  It truly was a great day for me and worth the $$$, effort, and time.”

Opened My Eyes

Terry V.
Nunda, NY

“Joann, I learned more with your one day clinic about trust, patience and timing with reward than the last 40 years with horses! Joann, what I learned from you in the time we were together on Saturday was absolutely priceless.  I have NOT been looking through my horses’ eyes as to what they were seeing and what I was asking of them.  I blame that on all the years I showed peanut-pushing Western horses but, now I can break the mentality I grew up with.  I had expected quicker responses and never really learned PATIENCE with horses like I learned with teaching children.  I look back now and see that showing was fun and I cleaned-up at shows but, I never really learned to help to partner with my horses.  I feel so sad at all the fun I missed.  You have opened my eyes and I hope I can be the person my horses deserve.  Your philosophy of learning completely nailed the partnership with your horse to develop trust. Anytime you need a volunteer, you just ask.  That clinic changed our lives.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and horse's.”

Building Trust
Bonnie A.
Victor, NY

“This clinic was excellent! It’s not about being able to navigate a bunch of obstacles but building the trust and partnership so that our horses enjoy their work and have confidence in us, their rider. The clinic emphasized success is different with each horse and/or obstacle.”

Gaining Confidence
June H.
Wellsboro, Pa

"You gave me some training & techniques to give me more confidence on the trail so I won't get scared.  Now I have a series of steps I can do.  I had just about given up on trail riding because I wasn't sure what to do when my horse got scared.  I had read numerous articles but each described a different technique.  You put them together in a logical way that makes sense to me now. The opportunity to actually try out the techniques on those challenging yet realistic obstacles (under your supervision) was great! Yesterday I rode Rusty around some huge round hay bales using the techniques you taught us.  I also had my neighbor drive his 4-wheeler slowly and Rusty & I followed it!!”

Something all Horses/rider Should Experience
Pam N.
Pine City, NY

“I thought the clinic was outstanding. Well run. Fun. Great venue. Something that all horses/riders should experience. This is training that I would love to see more of in our area.”

Confidence Builder

Kathy B.
Bloomfield, NY

“Joann,  I really enjoyed the clinic and learned a great deal.  The training, facility and hospitality were all top notch.  It was Petey’s first outing off the farm and was supposed to be a confidence builder for Caelin; it could not have been better for both!”

Becoming Brave
Mary L.
Hilton, NY

“My favorite memories were of horses who were hesitant or afraid early in the day, but toward the end of the day they were braver and would try new things!”

Kristen Z.
Rochester, NY

“Thank you, again, for your encouragement and advice at Black Points Farm Sunday. With your tips, we have successfully loaded (5x) Mac with zero drama, hesitation or games!  It is such a relief to be able to load him alone and have control from start to finish. We ended up using the lead and queue technique you offered. He loads, stands, turns and exits calmly and when asked. We will continue to work with him and hope to see you soon!”

Developing a Relationship

Gina G.
Bloomfield, NY

“Hi Joann, Just wanted to send you another note. I took Patton to a trail trial event yesterday. He was fabulous! He went through the water, over a few fences, THROUGH THE CAR WASH and enjoyed some serious galloping and was just a very good boy! Thanks again for helping us to develop our relationship and gain the skills so we can enjoy doing all these things together.”

Gaining Confidence

Wendi R.
Phelps, NY

“I had so much fun at your clinic and the best part was at the end as T-man moved more confidently TOWARDS you as you shot off the gun!! He made great progress in just one day with your instruction! :)”

Erika E.
Burdett, NY

"You are an amazing person, encouraging peer, inspiring mentor, and a true friend. You are a protector of positive horse and human relationships. Your encouragement today in showing up to cheer for me gave me a fresh wind in my sails and enabled me to be a better me: rider, horse owner, and leader. Thanks for helping me give Little Joe the rider and relationship he needed and deserved today.”

Enjoying Lessons

Susan B.
Spensorport, NY

“Another great lesson today!  I am so enjoying this.......what a great teacher you are.  Very patient and kind.   Today was great!  I liked the fact that you could see how RR really is out on the trails and that we came across things that would bug him and we got to work on that......I like the feedback on things I’m not doing correctly and confusing him.  A lot of things that I could probably point out to someone else but don't recognize in myself.   WOW, what a fantastic day I am so happy!”

Clear Explanations

Elaine B.
Jordan, NY

“This clinic was excellent for auditors and riders alike. You gave common sense explanations for your training methods and I was able to determine that I am on the right track with the obstacles I am working with at home, plus I got more ideas about what I could do.”

Incredible progress

Linda F.
Rochester, NY

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! I was lucky enough to be an observer at Saturday’s obstacle clinic. When Joann started the clinic by demonstrating all the obstacles her horse willingly went through, my heart was pounding and I was thinking, “Thank goodness I didn’t bring my horse!”  Others in the audience seemed to feel the same way.  By the end of the clinic, after watching the incredible progress made by every one of the sixteen horses at the clinic, I was thinking “Oh, I so wish I had brought my horse!”  Again, other audience members seemed to echo my thoughts!”

Benefit for all levels!
Laura H.
Webster, NY

“I thought it was a great introduction for myself and my horse who hasn't been exposed to too much.  It is something that can benefit horses and riders with all levels of experience. You have helped us immensely! Thanks again!” 

Better Team!
Mireille V.
Worcester, NY

“Hi Joann, I wanted to thank you for such a great clinic! It was so well organized from the beginning to the end. You had us in small groups, which you determined after talking individually with all of us. This helped those more timid horses, and riders too! You had such a variety of different obstacles in the ring and around it. We kept busy all the time. You had people at each station, and we felt guided and encouraged by them, as we moved from one to the other. You moved around every station and everybody received your full attention all the time. We felt safe and engaged during the whole experience. I had taken other obstacle clinics, and yours was by FAR the best organized, safe, varied, and useful. At the end of the clinic I felt that my horse and I became a better team, and for sure we learned how to communicate more effectively. Thank you again for having such a high standard, hands-on experience!! ”

The Greatest Reward!
Helen I.
Macedon, NY

“I learned that it's not getting your horse through the obstacle that is the measure of success, rather it is building your horse's trust while making progress with an obstacle that provides the greatest reward.  Thanks again!”

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Lecture Testimonials

Equine Communications
Dr. Samuel McQuade III, RIT Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, College of Applied Science and Technology, Graduate Program Coordinator
Rochester, NY

“THANK YOU for a truly outstanding presentation, which was well prepared, organized, complimented richly by the slides/action photo, your diverse stories, interaction with students and so on.  I especially appreciate you allowing me to insert by analogous teaching in order to relate your experiences to challenges frequently experienced by organizational managers and administrators.  You adeptly demonstrated how much we all have to learn from each other especially if we remain open-minded and interdisciplinary in our thinking. I am so very pleased with your talk, Joann, and hope you will come again.”

Equine Communications
Tom Hanney, Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

“Joann Long engaged our graduate students in the story of her love for and persistence with her horses and how she transformed that into a business. She brought her passion for her work to our classroom and got our students to think, including about how they can transform their own careers. It was a lighthearted hour we spent together and a meaningful one.”

Equine Communications
Rochester Institute of Technology Equestrian Team
Rochester, NY

"A big thanks to Joann Long from Gentle Dove Farm for sharing her experience with mounted police style obstacle training for horses! It was awesome to hear about her adventures with Dillon and Shamrock!"

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Demonstration Testimonials

Erika E
Burdett, NY

“I just wanted to say that it was lovely to watch you ride tonight…I was very motivated by the gunshot demonstration. This is definitely something I would want to work towards with my horses. I too have an older horse that I adore and it's nice to see others riding their older and most wonderful horses. They still have a ton of life left in them. Thank you!”

Jane Marie L.
Ithaca, NY

“I had a great time and the demo was very empowering!”

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